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Ombed Yoga Nidra is a powerful and easy way of accessing your health, resilience and wellbeing through the use of vibrational sound therapy and guided meditation.


The Ombed, invented by Carl Simmons, is a bed which takes you on an inner journey.  Allowing you to stretch out in comfort so you can deeply relax and unwind, the bed is also a medium for sound and vibration which quickly takes each individual deeply within their somatic experience.


Ombed Yoga Nidra allies the vibro acoustic technology of the Ombed to the ancient practices of Yoga Nidra & modern depth psychology, traversing the waking, hynogogic & sleep states to access the restorative potential of the individual.


Yoga Nidra & the Hypnogogic State


Yoga Nidra is sometimes called 'Yogic sleep' or 'dynamic sleep' and may feel different to everyone. It's a practice of bringing attention to ever more subtle layers of our being, as we ease from our ordinary waking state into what is known as the hypnogogic state, the experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep.


When we bring attention to our unconscious in this way, the practice can takes the brain through all brainwave states, but the specific wave that we are most interested in working within is the 'delta-theta state'. It is a deep healing state for the whole of your being.    


Each group session is held within a contained space of safety, led by one of our grounded and experienced guides. This allows you to truly let go.  Many people feel unraveled and free, like they've had a good night's sleep. Some feel relaxed with space between their minds, sensations and experiences.


Others have embarked on a new life journey, in constant contact with their inner resource of wellbeing & vitality. Ombed Yoga Nidra is like a wish fulfilling jewel for you to use as you wish and each time-tested practice can be taken away and used within your own life.


Yoga Nidra differs from hypnosis in that no one will make suggestions to change your behaviour. It accesses your natural live beingness, rather than a remembered state. The similarity is that we can become aware of subconscious and repressed memories & experiences that impact our daily decisions without our knowledge. It's a deep practice of meditation in a liminal state.

Wonderfully, we can never do it wrong! Whatever we experience is life affirming and what we need to experience right now. Our deeper selves may show us where we need to go, the decisions we need to make and what we need to let go of.  


The comfort and vibro acoustic nature of the Ombed, the groundedness of our guide and detailed yet simple Ombed Yoga Nidra practices offer easy & efficient healing of the body/mind & navigation of the psyche, ideal for modern living.


Beta Waves

Our minds generate fluctuating Beta Waves (12-30 Hz) in our ordinary waking state during our daily interaction with the external world, when we are problem solving and communicating. If you feel stressed, anxious or restlessness it is likely that your range is higher in the waves and you feel more agitated in your mood. This sounds like your chatterbox of thoughts, the 'inner critic', 'judge' or self-doubt and maybe a pervasive sense of dissatisfaction.

When we stretch out on the Ombed & simply pay attention to how we are right now in a friendly and attentive way, we immediately begin to bring the Beta Waves (12-30 Hz) into a balanced rhythm and feel calmer.


Alpha Waves

Alpha Waves (7-14 Hz) are active during daydreaming, meditation & mindfulness practices and can be induced through aerobic exercise, creating art or listening to music. When we daydream we enter our not-yet-conscious mind and what it wants or desires. This is our intuitive self, that gut feeling which can guide our decisions in life.

Cocooned aboard an Ombed & simply attending to how we are right now in a friendly way, helps to regulate the nervous system and bring the divided sense of self to a connected sense of being. Somatic Ombed Yoga Nidra practices deepen the mind-body connection, drawing us into our inner somatic awareness, enabling us to hear those signals from the body that guide our intuition.

Withdrawing the senses inward, we experiencing the felt sense within the body and the direct experience of the feedback our body is giving us, in a non conceptual way.


BENEFITS: Reduced risk of depression. Stress reduction. Improved creative thinking. Increased intuition. Improved bodily awareness. Peace and clarity.  Awareness of subconscious reactions.

Theta Waves

Dropping more deeply into our own relaxed openness we enter Theta brain waves (4-7 Hz) states. These are active in light sleep where REM occurs or in deep meditative states. During Theta Wave states we may experience feelings of deep connection that may feel spiritual. We mostly experience this state briefly between drifting off and deep sleep, as we unfold into unconsciousness.

In yoga nidra, the mind and body enter a nonseperative way of being. In this deeply open & relaxed state, the body/mind is recognised as our own resource of deep healing and our capacity to hold the opposites of dissatisfaction and fulfilment, pain and ease, anger and deep peace among others. When we can kindly face emotions and sensations we not only become aware of our own resiliency, we begin to view sensations and emotions as messengers with our own best interests at heart.

We begin to interact more consciously with our own intuition and creative, life energy.

This is our natural state aged 2 - 7 when we both download cues on how to live and enjoy non separation from our imagination. We learn healthy and unhealthy patterns of being at this stage. The great news is that these patterns can be rewritten whilst in this Theta state.

BENEFITS: Build on and include those already gained in other brainwave states. Rewrite behavioural patterns. Unlock creativity through imagination. Ability to hold the opposites. Insight. Deep sense of interconnection. Recognition of ourselves as our inner resource. Resiliency. More aliveness.


Delta Waves


This is the Delta Waves (0-4 Hz) and our deepest state of sleep where we are not dreaming. It is the state of our deepest meditation, where we receive information we cannot receive when conscious.

This is the state of deep healing where healers bring to another the healing effect. In this timeless and boundless state, we can bring the collective healing to our experience through yoga nidra. Previously unconscious material in the way of archetypes, symbolism and deep associations can be made known to us in a series of rapid, random images.

This is a quick-fire clearing of symbolic associations, our whole self 'downloading' what we need to experience. If we choose to record this information in a journal and and interact with the deeper aspects of ourselves, we can transform our lives in creative ways we never new were possible. Including and integrating previously unconscious & disparate parts of ourselves, we become more whole, creative and alive.

BENEFITS: Deep healing. Contacting the boundless, timeless dimensions of ourselves. Freeing the deepest, unconscious patterns of habitual conditioning. Refreshing and vital.


Gamma Waves

Gamma brain waves (25 and 100 Hz) ,have been measured in Tibetan Buddhist monks and are ordinarily outside of the range of novice meditators. Ombed Yoga Nidra enables the greatest opportunity of accessing this profound meditative state.

The current Dalai Lama meditates for four hours each morning, and he says that it is hard work. He elaborates that if neuroscience can propose a way in which we may reap the psychological and biological rewards of meditation without this practice, he would be an enthusiastic volunteer. We believe the Ombed can help!