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Guest testamonies from Ombed sessions


The following feedback was given before and after the session. Opening remarks are reference to their challenges towards relaxation and the later their reflections after the 25min session.


“Life can get in the way, work, other people, shit happens etc”

“The feeling bought on similar to long sessions of mantra. Automatic like turning on a switch”



“I suffer from restless legs, inability to stay still”

“Almost instant peace”



"Issues with relaxation”

“Ive had some issues with one knee (ligament) and I felt it strongly tingle and after that I don’t remember anything! Very deeply relaxing mind body spirit. Very beautiful offering, thank you so much”



“Back and shoulder pain, actually pain in general. I try and meditate whilst sitting and find it a challenge. That is why this particular technique appeals”

“The bed was very comfortable, it made the effort of surrendering much easier to do. The chanting helps to bring the mind back to the present and it gave a wonderful vibration in the chest area. It also made me more aware of what had taken place when it finished. A truly wonderful experience.”



“I cannot switch off”

“The vibrations were so immersive. Longer session!’



“Stopping thoughts”

“Lost myself for a bit. What a wonderful experience. Thank you!! Bless you!!’



“Cant sit still, always have to be doing something”

“Relaxed and focused”





“Committing to time and allowing myself the luxury of time! A great deal of stree and worry. Being too involved in work, which is demanding and stressful. A desire to be a better person. Being well and being able to switch off so I can be more involved in my family and know how to be peaceful.”

“Alowance to be still. Loved the gentle vibrations, made me connect to my body.”



“Lying still can be challenging as my back can get painful.”

“It was so comfortable I experienced no back pain. I felt the vibrations come through my chest and it travelled down into my stomach. My body felt wonderful however vulnerable and soft.”



“I can struggle to relax. I carry a lot of stress in my body due to having a stressful job. I often feel cold when I relax and let go.”

“The beds V-comfy. I loved the music and gentle vibrations. Left feeling more relaxed.”



“Quieting the mind”

“Comfortable, friendly. Recognition of how my mind lacks stillness.”



“My body can often hurt more when I relax. My lower back hurts when lying flat on my back. I have fibromyalgia and my muscles stiffen when I relax.”

“I Loved the beds, I was able to lie on my back and not be in pain, thank you. I loved the music and I loved the vibrations, which were very subtle but I felt them particularly in my lower body, under my knees and my feet.I didn’t feel anything in my upper body. I had a lovely meditation journey as well.”